Our Collective House – Session 1

The first session of the Our Collective House project finally took place on Monday 2nd June in Hocking Hall. Fourteen participants took part following overwhelming interest in the course (we had to work hard in keeping to our limited numbers)!  Our waiting list is building by the day, so we hope this project is the start of more to come.

The first session was about getting a chance for the group to get know each other and learn how to work collectively.  As we will be working on a large textile piece for several weeks this was very important!  We brainstormed on the meaning of “Community,” as well as how people responded to “Islington” in terms of colour, place and meaning, so as to start thinking how we would ultimately build our textile piece about Islington.  

 After a tea and biscuits break, we looked at various maps and how various cities were symbolised this way on paper, paying attention to colours, shapes and lines. We then broke everyone into groups around tables with different sets of tasks.  Each table was fitted with a dice labelled with random sets of instructions on its sides along with different sets of materials (paper, pens, oil pastels and acrylic paints).  It was then up to each group to figure out how to play with the dice and respond to their instructions to create images.  The results were quite surprising!    

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