Children’s Tai Chi

When: Wednesdays 4.30pm – 5.30 pm (term time only)
Where: Upper Hocking Hall
Cost: £5 per class or £75 for full term

Please note after the Summer break classes will start again on September 12th, 2018

Each class consists of

  • Warm up exercises – for toning, conditioning and general fitness
  • Rolls and break falls – to develop physical confidence
  • Tai Chi Forms – for balance, coordination and focus
  • Wu style Children’s 15 step form – a sequence of Tai Chi Movements
  • Meditation – for focus and developing inner calmness
  • Push hands – to develop martial skills

What to wear

  • T shirt or sweat shirt – academy t shirts are available
  • Jogging bottoms or loose fitting trousers
  • pumps, trainers or kung fu slippers, stocking feet are acceptable but not bare feetClick here to read the Daily Mail article. on the benefits of children learning Tai Chi.

For more info please email Don Spargo or read more on the tcca website

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